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I. Bài tập

A. Read this magazine article about Dalya’s job. What are three parts of an e-commerce system? Which does Dalya find most difficult to set up?

Dalya Rahman specializes in setting up e-commerce systems. Here, she tells “New Carrers” magazine about her job.

I work with B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce systems as well as B2C (business-to-consumer) systems and integrate all the components: the user interface, the shopping basket and the payment system. The user interface is the part that shopper see on their screens. For this, I work closely with designers to make it look good; it’s important that customers enjoy using it.

When customers see an item that they want to buy, they put it in shopping basket. To set this up, I usually integrate standard software packages with the company’s website. This software uses small files that the browser puts on the user’s computer, called cookies, to track the items in the basket. This stage isn’t too difficult – mostly I just match up the code with the client’s website.

The next step is the payment processing system. This take the customer’s information – delivery address, credit card number, etc. It processes the payment and outputs the details so that the company can send out the order. This component is more complicated: I have to integrate it into several different systems, including the company’s accounting system. Fortunately, there’s a special data format, EDI, that is Electronic Data Interchange, which make this easier. EDI is standard in e-commerce systems so that other kinds of software, such as accounting systems, can accept data from it.

My job is fun because every project is different and I use my technical skills as well; a great combination!

B. Find the bold words in the article that match these definitions

1 . Put together two or more things so that they work well together …..integrate….

2. Smaller parts of something bigger ………….components

3. Computer programming instructions….code……

4. Taking a series of steps to do something …..processing…….

5. The place to send goods …..delivery address…….

6. The items that a customer wants to buy…..items in the basket…..

7. Looking after money in an organization…accounting…..

C. Read the article again and answer the questions.

1. For which component is appearance important?

>> Appearance is important for the user interface component.

2. Which component involves integration with something else?

>> The payment processing system involves integration with other systems, such as the company’s accounting system.

3. What do e-commerce websites use cookies for?

>> E-commerce websites use cookies to track the items in the shopping basket.

4. For which component is programming mentioned?

>> Programming is mentioned for setting up the shopping basket component.

5. Which item involves integration with more than one other component?

>> The payment processing system involves integration with more than one other component.

6. Where does the company get delivery information from?

>> The company gets delivery information from the customer’s input during the payment processing.

7. Why is EDI useful?

>> EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is useful because it provides a standard data format that allows different systems, such as accounting systems, to accept data from e-commerce systems, making integration easier.

II. Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh chuyên ngành Unit 17

1. Most common uses of the Internet and the Web include communicating…
A. Searching, entertainment, and education
B. E-commerce, e-mail, and searching
C. E-mail, entertainment, and education
D. E-commerce, e-mail, and education

3. The fastest-growing application for the Internet is…………
A. Going shopping
B. Conducting research
C. Playing games, reading, and listening to music
D. Using e-mail

4. What is the best definition of ‘search engine’?
A. any electronic cross-referencing document first prophesized by Vannevar Bush in 1945.
B. software that interprets a mark-up language such as HTML, and converts them into human readable web pages
C. software that indexes network resources and enables users to search that index using categories and/or keywords
D. a predecessor to modern websites, these were early communities that users could dial using a modem

5. The extensions .gov, .edu, .mil, and .net are called…………..
B. E-mail targets
C. Domain codes
D. Mail to addresses

6. These types of commercial Internet service providers are the most widely used……
A. National service providers
B. Regional service providers
C. Centralized service providers
D. Decentralized service providers

7. What is the best definition of ‘power supply’?
A. an electronic device constructed from microscopic transistors and other circuit elements on a single integrated circuit; popular manufactures of these devices include Intel, AMD, and IBM
B. a calculation, normally including decimal points, that a particular computer can perform in a single operation
C. a separate unit or part of a circuit that supplies the correct amount of electrical current to a computer system.

8. What is the best definition of ‘e-commerce’ or ‘electronic commerce’?
A. The root or main page for a web site
B. The term for buying and selling goods and services over the World Wide Web
C. A symbol that uses the characters on a computer keyboard to convey emotion an email or instant message, such as the smiley face .

10. What is the best definition of ‘authenticate’?
A. The transfer a file or files from a remote computer to the user’s computer
B. To verify that a process is true or correct; for example: to verify a user login and password
C. To shut down and restart a computer

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