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I. Bài tập

16.1 Internet basics

D.Read the conversation again and complete the customer’s notes.

To connect to the internet from home, I need (1)a ___computer________and(2) a___modem_____ Also need an account with an(3)___Internet Service Provider__ (a company that offers connection for a monthly fee). If you want to connect lot of computers without using cables ,you can use a(4)__wireless___ router.  Wi-Fi uses (5)__radio____ waves to send data over medium-range distances. Things  you can do on the Internet:(6)__email, file transfer, new groups, real-time chats, instant messaging, looking for information on the web___

‘Web’ or ‘Internet’?  The Web:  huge connection of (7)______pages____stored on computer all over the world. The Internet: The network which connect all the computers.

16.2 Reading :  Internet FAQs

B.In pairs, discuss which of the internet systems (1-6) you would use to do the tasks (a-f). Then read Part 2 of the FAQS below and check your answers

1. Email a. transfer files from the Internet to your hard drive
2. The Web b. send a message to another person via the Internet
3. Newsgroups c. have a live conversation (usually typed) online
4. Chat and IM d. connect to a remote computer by entering instructions,

and run a program on it.

5. FTP e. take part in public discussion areas devoted to specific topics
6. Telnet f. download and view documents published on the Internet

1b, 3f, 3e, 4c, 5a, 6d

16.2.2 Internet FAQS: Part 2

Read Internet FAQs (Part 2) above  and find words and phrases in Part 2 with the following meanings

1. a system used to distribute email to many different subscribers at once. ( in Email paragraph)

>> mailing list

2. a program used for displaying web pages ( in the Web paragraph)

>> web browser

3. to connect to a computer by typing your username and password ( In Telnet paragraph)

>>log into

4. a series of interrelated messages on a given topic ( In Newsgroups paragraph)

>>message thread

5. a program for reading User net newsgroups (In Newsgroups paragraph).


16.3  Email features

A.Read the text below and find the followings.

  1. The place where your ISP stores your emails___mail server___
  2. The type of program used to read and send email from a computer___email client___
  3. The part of an email address that identifies the user of the service___username____
  4. The line that describes the content of an email____subject__
  5. The computer file which is sent along with an email message_attachment___
  6. Facial symbols used to indicate an emotion or attitude__emoticons____
  7. The name given junk mail___spam___


Fill in the blanks with a suitable given word from the box

 binary  which   paper   used  written
 attached  types   files   an  read
 the   connected   ASCII  message  address
 stands   picture   for  document  to

Electronic mail, or e-mail, allows computer users locally and worldwide(1)…to..exchange messages. Each user of e-mail has a mailbox(2)…address…. to which messages are sent. Messages sent through e-mail can arrive with a matter of seconds. A powerful aspect of e-mail is the option to send electronic (3)…document………to a person’s e-mail address. Non-ASCII files, known as(4)…binary…….files, may be(5)…attached…….to e-mail messages. These files are referred to as MIME attachments. MIME(6)……stands…..for Multimedia Internet Mail Extension, and was developed to help e-mail software handle a variety of file(7)…types…….For example, a(8)…paper….created in Microsoft Word can be attached to(9)……an… e-mail message and retrieved by the recipient with the appropriate e-mail program. Many e-mail programs, including Eudora, Netscape Messenger, and Microsoft Outlook Express, offer the ability to read files(10)…written……

II. Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh chuyên ngành Unit 16

1. The two basic parts of URLs are………………….
B. Destination and device
C. The protocol and the domain name
D. TCP and IP

2. In a client/server network, the user’s computer is considered the…
A. Server
B. Client
C. Web site
D. Library

4. What is the best definition of ‘WWW’ or ‘World Wide Web’?
A. a global hypertext system operating on the Internet that enables electronic communication of text and multimedia
B. a predecessor to modern websites, these were early communities that users could dial using a modem
C. an organization which develops specifications and guidelines for the World Wide Web
D. All of the above

5. What is the best definition of ‘homepage’?
A. a text file containing personal information of a user retrieved while browsing the Internet, normally stored on the user’s hard drive.
B. the subordinate pages of a web site.
C. Unsolicited (unwanted) email messages such as advertising for Viagra or Nigerian investments.
D. The root or main page for a web site

6. The most widely used Web protocol is……………
A. http://

7. URL is an acronym for …………..
A. Uniform Resource Locator
B. Uniform Resource Link
C. Universal Reference Locator
D. Unlimited Real-time Language

8. The Internet was launched in 1969 and was originally called……………

9. The term ISP refers to……………..
A. Internal software protocol
B. International shareware pool
C. Internet service provider
D. Interface standard protocol

10. A ……….program provides access to Web resources.
A. Web
C. Browser

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