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I. Bài tập

3.1 Technical specifications

B. In pairs, answer these questions. If necessary, look at the Glossary.

1.What is the main function or a computer’s processor?

>> The main function of a computer’s processor is to process the instructions proviđe by the software; it also coordinates the acticves of the other units.

2.What unit of frequency is used to measure processor speed?

>>The gigahert(GHz). 1 GHz is equivalent to 1000MHz

3.What does RAM stand for?

>> Ram stands for random access memory

3.2 What is inside a PC system?

A. Read the extract “What is inside a PC” below and then answer these questions.

1. What are the three main parts of the CPU?

>> The Control Unit, the ALU and the registers.

2. What does ALU stand for? What does it do?

>>Arithmetic logic unit,; it performs mathematical caculations and logical operations.

3. What is the function of the system clock?

>>To measure and synchronize the flow of data.

4. How much is one gigahertz?

>> One thousand million hertz, or cycles, per second

5. What type of memory is temporary?

>> Ram

6. What type of memory is permanent and includes instructions needed by the CPU?


7. How can RAM be increased?

>>By adding extra chips, usually contained in a small circuit board called a DIMM

8. What technical term is used to refer to the main printed circuit board?


9. What is a bus?

>> An electrical path or channel that allows devices to communicate with each other.

10. What is the benefit of having expansion slots?

>> They allow you to install expansion cards(for example, sound, memory or network cards).

 B . Look at the extract again . What do the words in bold refer to?

1 This is built into a single chip… (line 2) the CPU, or central processing unit

2 … which executes program instructions and coordinates … (line 2) a single chip

3 … that is being executed.(line 15) the instruction

4 …performance of a computer is partly determined by the speed of its processor.(line17) the computer’s

5…. the CPU looks for it on the hard disk ( line 24) a program

6…. inside the computer to communicate with each other. (line 34) devices

3.3 Language work

A. Look at the HELP box below and then complete the following sentences with suitable relative pronouns. Give alternative options if possible. Put brackets round the relative pronouns you can leave out.

1 That’s the computer___which______I’d like to buy

2 .Core 2 Duo is a new Intel processor __which___contains about 291 million transistors.

3 .A webmaster is a person____who______ designs, develops and maintains a website.

4 A bus is an electronic pathway___which____carries signals between computer devices.

5 Here’s the DVD___which______ you lent me!

6 Last night I met someone___who_____works for GM as a software engineer.

3.4 How memory is measured?

A Read the text below and then answer the following questions.

1.How many digits does a binary system use?

>> A binary system uses two digits: 0 and 1. Switches inside a computer can only be in one of two possible states: OFF or ON. To represent these two conditions, we use binary notation.  0 means OFF and 1 means ON.

2.What is a bit?

>> Each 0 or 1 called a binary digit or bit

3.What is a collection of eights bits called?

>>A byte

4.What does ASCII stand for?

>>American Standard Code for information interchange

5.What is the purpose of ASCII?

>>To provide a standard system for the representation of characters.

B Complete these descriptions with the correct unit of memory.

1. A __terabyte_______is about one trillion bytes – about as much text as the books and magazines in a huge library.
2. A ___megabyte____is about one million bytes – about as much text as a 300-page novel.
3. A _____kilobyte________is about one thousand bytes – equivalent to one sheet of A4.
4. A _____gigabyte______is about one billion bytes – about as much text as 1,000 books.
5. A ______byte______can store a single character, such as the letter h or number 7.


Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word or phrase from the table

 physical  properly  expansion ALU   connected
 any  some  peripherals  microprocessor   gates
 ports  peripheral  driver  drive   portable

Computers and microchips have become(1)…part…….. of our everyday lives, we visit shops and offices which have been designed with the help of computers, we read magazines which have been produced(2)……on……….. computers, we pay bills prepared by computers . Just picking up a telephone and dialing a(3)……number…. involves the use of a sophisticated computer system, as does making a flight reservation or bank transaction.

We encounter daily many computers that spring to life the instant they(4)…are……… switched on (e.g.; calculators, the car’s electronic ignition, the timer in the microwave, or the programmer inside the TV set) , all of which(5)……use………. the chip technology.

What make your computer such a miraculous device ? each time you turn it on, it is tabula rasa that, with appropriate hardware and software , is capable(6)……of…….. doing anything you ask. It is a calculating machine (7)…which…….. speeds up financial calculations.It is filling cabinet(8)………which…… manages large collections of data such as customers ‘lists, accounts, or inventories. It is magical typewriter that allows us to type and print any kind of documents; letters, memos or legal documents. It (9)……is…… a personal communicator that enables you to interact (10)……with…… other computers and with people around the world . If you like gadgets and electronic entertainment, you can even use PC to relax with computer games.
(Source: English for IT & Computer Learners)

II. Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh chuyên ngành Unit 3

1. Everything computer does is controlled by its……?
D. Storage devices

2. Processors of all computers, whether micro, mini or mainframe must have…..
B. Primary storage
C. Control Unit
D. All of the above

3. The CPU clock speed is normally expressed in…
B. Megahertz
C. 500 MHz
D. Bits per clock tick

4. The brain of any computer system is…
B. Memory
D. Control unit

5. Which kind of hardware is used the most in the input phase of a computer based information system?
A. Keyboard
B. Printer
C. Monitor
D. Hard disk

6. A tablet PC looks like a book with an LCD screen … you can write using a special digital pen.
A. for which
B. at which
C. by which
D. on which

7. The computer stores its program and data in its….
B. Control unit
C. Memory
D. Cache memory

8. Which can read data and convert them to a form that a computer can use?
A. Input device
B. Storage
C. Control
D. Logic

9. To turn on the computer, ….the “Start” button.
A. switch
B. touch
C. press
D. turn

10. Control Unit of a digital computer is often called the…
A. Lock
B. Nerve centre
C. ICs
D. All of the above

11. The control unit of a processor…..the flow of information between the arithmetic unit and the memory.
A. Coordination
B. Coordinator
C. Coordinating
D. Coordinates

12. Which of the following is responsible for coordinating various operations using timing signals?
A. Arithmetic-logic Unit
B. Control unit
C. Memory unit
D. Input/output unit

13. Computer memory consists of…
D. All of the above

14. …is volatile, so it doesn’t retain data when the power is off.
A. RAM(Random Access Memory)
B. Flash memory
C. Memory
D. Temporary

15. ……………..consists of instruction executed by a computer, as opposed to the physical device on which they run.
A. Software
B. Hardware
C. Hard drive
D. Ports

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