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I. Bài tập

15.2 Types of Network

A. In pairs , discuss these questions

1.What is a computer network ?

>> A computer network is a system of interconnected computers that share files and other resources.

2. What are the benefits of using network ?

>> They enable us to get the most from our peripherals. For example, printers, scanners and hight speed mordems or router can be shared by a great number of user on the same network. In the same way, networks allows us to send and receive message, have access to large databases, and transfer files to and other computer. This implies faster communications, and flexible and interactive work between users.

B. Read an extract from a lecture on networks and answer the following questions.

1. What does LAN stand for ?

>> Local Area Network

2. Where are LANs usually located ?

>>LANs are usually located within a relatively small geographical area, such as an office or building.

3. What is the difference between a wired LAN and a wireless LAN ?

>> A wired LAN is connected with cables; a wireless LAN uses electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, instead of cables.

C. Read the extract again and label the elements of this LAN

  1. mixed
  2. Central computer
  3. cables
  4. Broadband modem
  5. Router
  6. Wireless access

15.3 Reading:  Networking FAQs

B.Read the whole text and answer these questions .

1.What does PAN stand for ?

>>Personal Areal Network

2.What is a network protocol ?

>>A network protocol is the language or set of rules that computers use to communicate with each other.

3.How do you log on to an Internet Service Provider ?

>> To log on an Internet Service Provider, you need to type in your username and password

4.WIMAX is a type of wireless network . What is it used for ?

>> WiMAX has greater range than Wi-Fi and is used to connect various Wi-Fi hostpost with each other.

5.What equipment do you need to set up a wireless LAN ?

>> To set up a wireless LAN, you need computers equipped with a wireless adapter or wireless card, a wireless access point and a broadband internet connection.

6.What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless networks ?

>>Wireless networks are easier to install; they let you move or roam from one access point to another. However, they are less secure than wired networks and are subject to interference.

15.4 Language work

B. Complete these sentences with the correct form of a phrasal verb from the HELP box

1 .To join the club, this form and send it to our office __fill in______

2. The CPU all the basic operations on the data __carries out_______

3 .Digital music a lot of space – about 10 MB for every minute of stereo sound _takes up_

4. Thousands of networks the Internet___make up______.

5. You can use newsgroups to __find out____ about the latest trends , customer needs , etc.

C. Match the questions ( 1-6 ) with the answers ( a – f ) .


1. Why was the hacker arrested ?

2. Is it OK to log on to my bank account using public computers in a cybercafé ?

3 .How do I set up an internet connection at home ?

4. Can I download software from your site ?

5. How can I add video to instant messaging?

6. What do I need to do to sign up for a Yahoo email account ?

Answers :

a. Yes , but always remember to log off after you’ve ended your session .

b .Yes , you can even try the programs out for a period before you buy them !

c. Because he broke into a computer system and stole confidential data .

d .Simply install this program and plug the webcam into your computer .

e. You need to install the software for your router . Follow the instructions provided by your ISP

probably in the form of a pdf file on a CD .

f. You have to create a username and password and then give some personal details.

1c, 2a, 3e,4b, 5d,6f


Fill in the blank with a suitable word

Computer networks (1)…are… now of central importance to all of Information Technology. With the current explosive growth of the Internet, they are also rapidly (2)…becoming… of crucial importance to all of modern society. It is absolutely certain that we need to know about networks and network technology to survive in the IT workplace. A network is a set of computers, which are linked(3)…together……on a permanent basis. This can mean two computers cabled together on the same desk or thousands of computers across the world. Network  enables users (4)…to…… share hardware like scanners and printers. This reduces cost by reducing the number of hardware items bought. It allows users access stored(5)…on…. others’ computers. This keeps everyone up -to-date on the latest data, since it’s all in the same files, rather (6)…instead……. having to make copies of the files, which are immediately out-of-date and network can even let users (7)……use… programs that are not installed on their own computers but are installed elsewhere in the network. This reduces the effort for networks administrators to keep programs configured correctly and saves a lot of storage space.

However, there are serval disadvantages (8)…to…… networking such as accessing anything across a network is slower than accessing your own computer. More complexity adds new problems to (9)…sovle……. and less customization is possible for shared programs and folders. Everyone will have to follow the same conventions for storing and naming files so others (10)…can…… find the right files.

                                                                     (Source: Basic English for Computing, Oxford University Press)

II. Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh chuyên ngành Unit 15

1. A network …………. two or more computers that are connected together to share information.
A. makes up
B. sets up
C. consists
D. includes

2. The actual physical network made up of wires, cables, and satellites that connects computers and resources throughout the world is the…………….
A. Web
B. Internet
C. E-commerce
D. Spiders

3.The multimedia interface to the resources available on the Net is called the………………….
A. World Wide Web
B. Internet
C. GUI interface
D. Server

4. An intranet is a private network, restricted to a company’s …….. use.
A. external
B. internal
C. outside
D. inside

5. Rules for exchanging data between computers are called…………
A. Programs
B. Procedures
C. Protocols
D. Hyperlinks

6. A wearable computer runs ………. batteries and is worn on the user’s body.
A. on
B. at
C. for
D. in

7. The use of wireless networks to access financial institutions is known as ……
A. brick and mortar banks
B. brick and click banks
C. wireless banking
D. wired banking

8. The ………. is the multimedia interface to resources available on the Internet.
A. Web
C. Browser

9. The most common method for gaining access to the Internet is through a ……
A. Dumb terminal
B. Virtual provider or computer
C. Point-to-point computer
D. Provider or host computer

10.Telecommunication………..to the transmission of signals over a distance for the purpose of communication.
A. means
B. transmits
C. refers
D. connects

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