Unit 13: Web Design – Đáp án anh chuyên ngành CNTT

Giải bài tập tiếng anh chuyên ngành công nghệ thông tin unit 13 web design đầy đủ, chi tiết. Mời ae tham khảo!

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I. Bài tập

13.1.  A typical home page

In pairs, discuss these questions

1.Why do companies have websites ?

>> Companies have websites in order to promote projects and advertise products. In some cases, the website is the company’s business. For example, there are portals that provide a full range of web services including email, e-conomerce, forum, new, entertainment,… Specialist portals are related to particular subjects such as music or sport. Portals that provide links to other website on a particular topic are also called supersites. They can include news and information about the subject as well as personal comment.

2. What is the difference between a website and a web page ?

>> A website is a collection of web pages(usually including a home page), set up by an organization or an individual, which are usually stored on the same server. A website contains many web pages. A website is like a book, and web pages are the pages of the book. The pages are all liked together, you can move from one page to another by clicking on words or pictures called hyperlinks. Some websites have a site map that shows the layout of the entire site.

A web page is an individual document on the Web, identified element, such as text, picturesm video, links,etc,..

3. What is a home page?

>> A home page is the introductory page that tells visitors what information is contained on a website. It has links to the other areas of the site. It can alse include information such as when the site was built or updated. A hme page is alse the default start-up page on which a web browswer starts.

4. Do you have a blog or a personal website? Describe the homepage to your partner.

>> open task

13.2. Web page design

A. Read the text below and find the followings

1.The language used to create web documents____HTML__

2. The type of software that lets you design web pages without writing HTML codes   __Web editor__

3.The format invented by Adobe to distribute text files over the Internet ___.pdf_____

4.A method of displaying multiple HTML documents in the same browser window___frames__

5. Three common graphics formats used on websites__.jpg__

6. Three popular formats used to store  and play back video_.avi__

B. Read the text again and then match the sentence beginnings (1 – 6) with the correct endings (a-f)

1.Instructions in HTML…………….

2.Cascading Style Sheets are the way……………………….

3.A hyperlink is any clickable text………

4. A plug-in is a small program…………..

5.Java applets are used to provide……….

6.RSS feeds are summaries of web content……………….


a.                image or button that takes you to another place on the web.

b.               used for handling audio, video and animation files.

c.               are called tags.

d.                interactive features to web applications.

e.                to define the presentation of web pages, from fonts and colours to page layout.

f.                 published in the Really Simple Syndication format for download.

1c, 2e, 3a, 4b, 5d, 6f


Fill in the blank with a suitable  given word

used information calls reservation memory
connected for lines computer    including

Railway companies use large(1)……used…systems to control ticket reservations and to give immediate(2)…information……… on the status of their trains. The computer system is(3)…connected……by private telephone lines to terminals in major train stations, and ticket reservations for customers are make through these phone(4)…lines……..The passenger’s name, type of accommodation, and the train schedule are put into the computer’s (5)……memory…….. On a typical day, a railway’s computer system gets thousands of telephone(6)…calls…about reservations, space on other railways, and requests (7)…for… arrivals and departures. A big advantage of the railway computer ticket(8)……reservation…….system is its rapidity because a cancelled booking can be sold anywhere in the system just a few seconds later. Railway computer systems are not(9)……limited…….for reservations alone. They are used for a variety of other jobs(10)……including…….. train schedules, planning, freight and cargo loading, meal planning, personnel availability, accounting, and stock control.

                                                   (Source: Basic English for Computing, Oxford University Press)

II. Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh chuyên ngành Unit 13

1. Occasionally I also buy things on ………….sites such as eBay, where people offer and sell things to highest bidder.
A. internet address.
B. web browser
C. webpage
D. internet auction

2. First you enter a site dedicated to e- commerce and……………their products.
A. buy
B. sell
C. browse
D. produce

3. You put the items you want to buy into a virtual ………..- A program that lets you select the products and buy with a credit card.
A. switch card
B. sound card
C. graphic card
D. shopping cart

4. You have to ……….with username and a password.
A. log out
B. log in
C. log off
D. log into.

5. ……for some transactions, you will be required to use a TAN , a transaction number.
A. password
B. code
C. Authentication
D. application

6.”Be aware of fishing” – you may receive fake E-mail claiming to be from your bank and ask for personal account or account details in an attempt to …….identity.
A. steal
B. stole
C. stolen
D. stealing.

7. An………is a postcard sent via the Internet.
A. e-voting
B. e-mail
C. e-card
D. e-cash

8. You can now sign legal documents online using an ……………….
A. e-learning
B. e-book
C. e-commerce
D. e-signature.

9. ………….can be used on some websites stead of real money to make purchases. It reduces the risk of fraud.
A. e-cash
B. e- signature
C. visa card
D. e- business.

10. An…….like the paper version but in a digital form.
A. e- commerce
B. e- learning
C. e-assessment
D. e-book

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