Unit 12: Multimedia – Giải bài tập anh chuyên ngành

Giải bài tập tiếng anh chuyên ngành công nghệ thông tin unit 12 multimedia đầy đủ, chi tiết. Mời ae tham khảo!

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I. Bài tập

12.1. Multiple forms of multimedia

A.In pairs, discuss these questions

1 What different types of content are combined in multimedia applications?

>> Mutilmedia applications can combie text, hight-quality sound, graphics, photo images, animation and full-motion video.

2 How many products can you think of that incorporate multimedia? ( Make a list).

>> E-book, encyclopedias and dictionaries(on CD-ROMs or DVDs), slide presentations, computer games, web pages, movies, 3G mobile phone,  virtual reality systems, information kiosks, computer-based training courses.

12.2. Multimedia magic!

A.  Read the text and match the heading (1-4) with the gaps at the start of each paragraph (a-d).

a4, b1, c3, d2

B.Correct the technical mistakes in these sentences

1. Multimedia training software is distributed on magnetic disks.

>> Multimedia training software is distributed on optical disks.

2. You need to have MIDI on your computer to hear speech and music.

>>You need to have a sound card on your computer to hear speech and music

3. A stereo synthesizer allows your computer to communicate with electronic musical instruments.

>>MIDI allows your computer to communicate with electronic musical instruments

4. A CD ripper converts CDs to live streams.

>>A CD ripper converts CDs to MP3 format

5. The Encyclopedia Britannica is only available on DVD.

>>The Encyclopedia Britannica is only available in print, online, on DVD, and as a concise version for iPods, PDAs and mobile phones.

C.Match the words (1-5) with the definitions (a-e)



Fill in the blanks(a-l)  with a suitable headings (1-10)  below.

  1. Easy to use
  2. Multi Sensorial
  3. Increases learning effectiveness
  4. Give information Cost
  5. Reduces training costs
  6. Give information to individual
  7. Improves personal Communication
  8. User Friendly
  9. More appealing over traditional 
  10. Provides high Quality of Presentations

Advantages of Multimedia

a. ____Increases learning effectiveness________Multimedia uses images, audio, animations and other media which stimulates the brain and increases learning. Both attention and retention of student increases. Students can identify and solve various problems effectively using multimedia­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­.

b._____ More appealing over traditional________Multimedia content is more appealing, more attractive and able to engage more people (Audience or Reader). People prefer multimedia compared to traditional media as it contains rich information.

c.___Improves personal communication______Multimedia improves interpersonal communication. Multimedia increases communication efficiency, effectiveness and protection to communicate message or information.

d.____Reduces training costs______Multimedia reduces the time it takes to learn and thereby it reduces cost. Multimedia can reduce the cost of training department in various ways.

e.____User friendly______ Multimedia is making easier the things let they can easy understand. Content is easy to draft using different types of multimedia.

g.____Provides high quality of presentations_______Multimedia contains interactive videos, audio and other visual content which increases the quality of presentation. Students expect multimedia presentation while learning.

h.____User friendly______Multimedia improves user interface and it is easy to use. Information in text, image or audio form can be possible to promote information.

i.___Gives information cost_____Multimedia gives an opportunity to influence the presentation  by adding information.

k.___Gives information to individual______Multimedia uses combination of different content and gives rich information to users. It uses infographic or audio and video to give detail information to individual.

l.____Multi sensorial______Multimedia is a multiple sensorial media, it makes to inclusion of layered sensory stimulation possible and interaction  through various kinds of sensory channels


II. Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh chuyên ngành Unit 12

1. Small programs include the OS designed to work with audio and video file.
A. Multimedia drive
B .Hard disk drive
C. Multimedia system
D. Multimedia control panels.

2. A code for the exchanging of information between PCs and musical instruments.
A. CD-ROM player
B. DVD player
C. MIDI interface .
D. Magnetic hard disk drive

3. A drive used to handle CD-ROM disks.
A. hardware
B. CD-ROM player.
C. Optical driver
D. software.

4. Manipulating and showing moving images recorded with a video camera or captured from a TV or video recorder.
A. Video recorder
B. CD recorder
C. Camera
D. Video computing

5. Images which move on the screen.
A. Word-processing
B. icons
C. Computer animation
D. Characters

6. If you ………..a sound card, I’ll be able to create my own music with a MIDI.
A. get
B. getting
C. getted
D. got

7. If the system ……….a Super VGA card, we would obtain a better resolution.
A .having
B. haved
C. had
D. has

8. You won’t be able to play CD-ROM disks if you ………….a CD-ROM drive.
A. didn’t have
B. doesn’t have
C. don’t have
D. not having

9. If you could afford it, I ……a Multimedia PC.
A. will buy
B. won’t buy
C. would bought
D. would buy

10. If you …….to the annual computers exhibition, you could see the new Macs.
A. came
B. coming
C. come
D. didn’t come

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