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I. Bài tập

10.1 Discussions related to computer graphics

In pairs, look at the computer graphics(a-d) and discuss these questions

1. Which of these computer graphics are three-dimensional (3-D)?

>> a and d are three-dimensional; b and c are two-dimensional

2. What are the advantages of creating 3-D images?

>>3-D images represent objects more accurately; in graphs, they also illustrate different quantities more clearly.

3. Which types of professionals might use the computer graphics(3-D)?

>> a. Business people; b. Archtects; c. Carographers(map makers); d. Car engineer

4. Who else uses computer in their job? How do you use them?

>> Designers in all kinds of industries to design and test products; engineers to plan circuits; weather forecasters to show changes in weather; ecomists to illustraters economic development; web designers to create pages for the Web; scientists in research; journalists in broadcasting.

10.2 Reading:  Computer graphics

1. What are the differences between raster graphics and vector?

>>Raster graphics represent images as bitmaps. This means they are stored as pixels, which can become jagged or distorted when manipulated. Vector graphics, however, represent images as mathematical formulas, so they can be changed or scaled without losing quaity.

2. Which graphics file formats are mentioned?


3. What is the compositing?

>> Compositing is assembling multiple images to make a single final image

4. What does CAD stand for?

>> Computer Aided Design

5. What are the benefits of using graphics in the car industry ?

>>Computer graphics can be used to develop, model and test car designs before the physical parts are made; this can save money and time.

6. What types of graphics software is used to make maps or 3-D models of the Earth?

>> GIS(Geographic Information Systems)

7. Who uses computer animation? How?

>>Computer animation is used by animatiors to create cartoons or to add effects in movies and video games.

B. Match the words(1-6)with the definitions (a-f)

1. Resolution

2. Jagged



5. Rendering

6. Fractals

a. Special  effects that can be applied to pictures.

b. a  technique that generates realistic reflections, shadows and highlights

c. Geometrical figures with special properties

d.  irregular or uneven

e. The number of pixels in an image

f. The drawing of a model by using features like edges or contour lines.

1e, 2d, 3a,4f, 5b,6c


Graphics (1)…design software……is the software that enables you to draw and manipulate objects on a computer. Each graphics package has its own facilities plus a wide range of basic drawing and (2)…drawing and editing……tool. The collection of tools in a package is known as palette. The basic shapes which are used to make (3)……complex………objects are called “primitives”. These are usually geometric , such as lines between two points, arcs, (4)……circkes………, polygons, ellipses and even text. You can choose both the primitive you want and where it should go on the screen.

Moreover, you can specify a (5)……properties……….of each primitive, such as its color, (6)…line…type, fill area, interior style and so on.

The various tool in the palette usually appear together as pop-up(7)……menus………in a menu. To use one you activate it by (8)……clicking…on it. For example if you want to draw a rectangle, you activate the rectangle tool and the pop-up options allow you (9)…to…… choose the origin of the rectangle (using the insertion point as its centre or corner) and the possibility of (10) …creating… a rectangle with rounded corner.

                                                               (Source: Infotech – English for computer users –Second  edition).

II. Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh chuyên ngành Unit 10

1. Graphic artist like ……….color and depth in the drawings and designs.
A. add
B. addition
C. adding
D. additive

2. A 32 –bit painting program has a complete palette of tools for ……….images from scratch.
A. creation
B. creative
C. create
D. creating

3. The speed of microprocessor is important in ………………information.
A. Processive
B. Procession
C. Processing
D. Processed

4. Before…………….a document, the user should decide on layout.
A. printed
B. printion
C. printive
D. printing

5. You can open the colour palette by……………..on the corresponding pop-up icon.
A. click
B. clicked
C. clicking
D. clicktive

6. ……………..refers to the techniques used to make realistic images .
A. redertion
B. rendering
C. rendered
D. rendertive

7. You can create a picture simply by ……..primitives .
A. specification
B. specify
C. specifying
D. specified.

8. Rotation is………..the object around the axis.
A. turn
B. turn round
C. turned
D. turning

9. Scaling is ………..the object larger or smaller in any of horizontal, vertical or depth directions.
A. making
B. make
C. made
D. maked

10. Translation is………..an object along an axis to somewhere else in the viewing area.
A. movement
B. moved
C. moving
D. move

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