Giải bài tập tiếng anh chuyên ngành UNIT 7: STORAGE DEVICE

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7.1. Magnetic storage devices

7.1.1. Types of magnetic drive

A. Look at the pictures and descriptions below and find the following
1. The name of the hard drive on a PC platform_____is usually C__
2. The type of hard drive that plugs into a socket at the back of a computer___is an external hard drive
3. The system that works in sequential format__is a tape drive__
4. The size and storage capacity of a floppy disk__is typically 3.5 inches and 1.44 MB___

B. Complete these sentences with the given words below

capacity          storage   archiving  hold secondary

1. There are basically three types of magnetic ____storage_______ device available to the computer user hard, diskettes and tapes.
2. The __capacity__of a 3.5” floppy disk is only 1.44MB.
3. Hard drive can___hold_____ hundreds of times more data than floppy disks.
4. A portable hard drive is a good choice for _____secondary_______ storage
5. Magnetic tapes are used for_____archiving _________ information that you no longer need to use regularly.

7.1.4. Word building

1.Magnetism is the science of magnetic phenomena and properties.
2.Floppy disks and hard drives are magnetic storage devices.
3.Data is recorded on a disk in the form of magnetized spots called bits.
4.After you create, delete and modify a lot of files, the hard drive becomes fragmented, with bits and pieces spread all over the disk.
5.Fragmentation slows down the speed at which data is accessed because the disk drive has to work harder to find the parts of a file stored in many different locations.
6.To reorganize your hard drive, you can use a disk optimizer or defragmenter; this will reorder your files into continuous clusters.

7.3.2. Reading: Memory in a flash!

B . Read the whole text and answer these questions.

1.What is flash memory?

>>Flash memory is a type of non-volatile memory that can be electronically erased and reprogrammed

2.What are the differences between RAM memory and flash memory?

>> RAM is volatile; flash memory is non-volatile, so it retains its content when the power is turned off; RAM is faster.

3.What can devices which used multi –level cell technology do?

>> They can store more that one bit per cell

4.What are the differences between flash drivers and external hard driver?

>> Flash drives are more easily transported than external hard drives; as they use soild-state technology, they don’t have fragile moving parts that can break if dropped; however, they less capacity than hard drives.

5.What is the advantage of using U3 technology in flash driver?

>>You can store both applications and data; applications can run on the host computer without requiring installation

6.How much data can a flash memory card hold?

>> From 8MB to several gigabytes

7.What is the name of the flash card created by Sony for its digital cameras?

>> The Memory Stick

C. Find words or phrases in the text with the following meanings

1. permanent; able to hold data without power ___non-volatile___
2. able be rewritten many times__rewriteable___
3. different sections of a disk drive or storage area __partitions___
4. to make a copy of a file so that the original is not lost __to back up___
5. transferred to another device __offloaded____
6. a peripheral device that reads writes flash memory cards __flash card reader__
7. a product that integrates two different technologies __hybird__



memory recovering spelling magnetic rotated
subdivided transferred storage failure server

Storage devices in the form of a disk or tape are used to store the programs and data that are not being used. Note that the American(1)…spelling………. of disk is commonly used, although the British spelling, disc, is sometimes used. Before a program or data can be used, it must be(2)……recovering…….. from the storage device to the main RAM(3)……memory………..

Hard disks consist of a set of magnetic coated metal disks that are vacuum- sealed inside a case to keep out the dust. The(4)…magnetic…surfaces of the disks are formatted using a read/write head to provide magnetic storage areas. These storage areas form concentric circles called tracks and each track is(5)…subdivided…into sections called sectors. The disks are(6)…rotated…… high speed and read from or written to by the read/write head that moves across the surface of the disks.

In (7)…server……. computers, hard disks can be connected together and made to operate as one unit using RAID (a redundant array of inexpensive disks). This can speed up the system and provide a way of (8)……transferred…… if the system crashes (fails suddenly and completely, usually referring to the(9)……failure…of a hard disk). There is a variety of optical (10)…storage…… devices that use laser light to read or write to a disk, including: CD-ROMs (compact disk read only memory). CD-R (recordable compact disk). CD-RW (rewritable compact disk), DVD (digital versatile disk-previously known as digital video disk).

                                                      (Source: Oxford  English for Information Technology. Oxford University)

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