Giải bài tập tiếng anh chuyên ngành UNIT 2

Bài viết dưới đây TTnguyen xin gửi tới bạn lời giải bài tập tiếng anh chuyên ngành unit 2: INTRODUCTION TO THE CMPUTER. Mời bạn đọc tham khảo!

2.1 Definition of computer


B.Match these words from the text (1-9) with the correct meanings (a-i).

1 Software

2 peripherals

3 main memory

4 hard drive (also known as hard disk)

5 hardware

6 input

7 ports

8 output

9 central processing unit (CPU)

a the brain of the computer

b physical parts that make up a computer system

c programs which can be used on a particular computer system

d the information which is presented to the computer

e results produced by a computer

f input devices attached to the CPU

g section that holds programs and data while they are executed or processed

h magnetic device used to store information

i sockets into which an external device may be connected

1-c, 2-f, 3-g, 4-h, 5-b, 6-b, 7-i, 8-e, 9-a

2.3. Reading:  Read the extract from an ICT class below and do the tasks

A. Read the above extracts from an ICT class.  Label the pictures (a-e) with words from the box

A. desktop PC
b.Tablet PC

B. Read the extract again and decide these sentences are true (T) or false (F).

  1. A mainframe computer is less powerful than a PC____F____
  2. A mainframe is used by large organizations that need to process enormous amounts of data___T____
  3. The most suitable computers for home use are desktop PCs__T____
  4. A laptop is not portable__F___
  5. Laptops are not as powerful as desktop PCs. ___F___
  6. Using a stylus, you can write directly onto the screen of a tablet PC__T___
  7. A PDA is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand___T____
  8. A PDA does not allow you to surf the Web__F_____

2.4  Language work:  Classifying

Look at the HELP box above and then use suitable classifying expressions to complete these sentences

  1. A computer ___consist of______hardware and software.
  2. Peripherals____can be devide into_____ three types: input, output and storage devices.
  3. A word processing program ___includes_____software which lets the user create and edit text.
  4. There are two types___of network architecture: peer-to-peer, where all computers have the same capabilities, and client-server (e.g. the Internet). where servers store and distribute data, and clients access this data.


Computers and microchips have become (1)…part… of our everyday lives, we visit shops and offices which have been designed with the help of computers, we read magazines which have been produced (2)……on……computers, we pay bills prepared by computers . Just picking up a telephone and dialing a (3)……number…. involves the use of a sophisticated computer system, as does making a flight reservation or bank transaction.

We encounter daily many computers that spring to life  the instant they (4)…are……… switched on (e.g.; calculators, the car’s electronic ignition, the timer in the microwave, or the programmer inside the TV set) , all of which (5)……use………. the chip technology.

What make your computer such a miraculous device ? each time you turn it on, it is tabula rasa that, with appropriate hardware and software , is capable (6)……of…….. doing anything you ask. It is a calculating machine (7)…which…….. speeds up financial calculations.It is filling cabinet(8)………which…… manages large collections of data such as customers ‘lists, accounts, or inventories. It is magical typewriter that allows us to type and print any kind of documents; letters, memos or legal documents. It (9)……is…… a personal communicator that enables you to interact (10)……with…… other computers and with people around the world . If you like gadgets and electronic entertainment, you can even use PC to relax with computer games.

                                                                                                (Source: English for IT & Computer Learners)

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